Top Five Day Walks in NZ

These are the best day walks in New Zealand. They will give you inspiration and wet your appetite for adventure. These beautiful walks are regarded as some of the best the world has to offer, enjoy.

The Magical Treks of New Zealand

Hooker Valley Track – Stunning mountainous scenery is in abundance; its snow covered peaks and glaciers really add to its astounding beauty

.Hooker Valley Walk

The Mueller Hut Walk – Views of gorgeous valleys are nestled in between dramatic mountain ranges when you take this top NZ day walk

.mueller hut walk nz

Routeburn Falls Hut – One of New Zealand’s great walks this one-day option will inspire you to return for the three-day trek. Offering breathtaking scenery simply spectacular.

Routeburn Track

Gertrude Saddle – Nowhere else will make you think Lord of the Rings like Gertrude Saddle, it is almost daunting in its unparalleled heights of wondrous mountains and peaks.

Gertrude Saddle Walk

The Tongariro Walk – The great Tongariro Walk is one of New Zealand’s finest and most awe-inspiring day trips, a wonderland of wild, natural scenery. Simplicity meets wild isolation, here you really feel like you’re soaring above the world.

.Tongariro Walk NZ, Day Walks NZ

Great Day Walks In New Zealand


Top Day Walks in Wellington

Wellington Walks

  • Mount Kaukau – The best views of Wellington are from this day walk, but don’t worry, you’ll feel you’re miles away from civilisation due to its peaceful isolation.
  • The Skyline Walk – Rolling terrain is in abundance in this truly New Zealand day walk.
  • The Onepoto Loop Track – Also great for bike riding, the Onepoto Loop Track is a must for those visiting Wellington.
  • The Paekakariki Escarpment Walk – A bit more on the adventurous side, you will be traversing steep hills and bridges on this adrenaline pumping track.
  • Atiwhakatu Valley, Mt Holdsworth – Beautiful, untouched forest surrounds you with this incredible trail just outside of Wellington.
  • Climbing Mt Holdsworth – Majestic views await you on this challenging day walk.
  • Colonial Knob – Get a taste of Wellington’s western hills from this walk.
  • Field Hut – History awaits you on this historic walk.
  • Belmont Trig Walk – This scenic walk is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • The Orongorongo Track – Surrounded by native trees and plants this incredible walk is just 45 minutes from Wellington City

Day Walks In The Bay of Island’s 

  • The Full Circle Day Walk – This beautiful coastal walk captures the beauty of the region and show cases New Zealand’s diversity.
  • The Waihoanga Gorge Kauri Walk – Surrounded by towering giants, The Puketi Forest is home to some of the largest Kauri trees in the Bay of Islands.

Inspired now?

Feeling inspired? Don’t miss out on taking a journey through these truly mystifying walks in New Zealand. Get your hiking boots on and feel like you’re a part of Middle earth – you will not regret it!


The Escarpment Track, Wellington Day Walks
The Escarpment Track
Turere Bridge, Orongorongo Track, Rimutaka Forest Park, Wellington Day Walks
Turere Bridge
Powell Hut, Mt Holdsworth, day walks nz, wellington day walks
Powell Hut, Tararua Forest Park








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