Belmont Trig Walk: Belmont Regional Park: Wellington Day Walks

Belmont Regional Park has a number of great day walks with Belmont Trig the pick of them. Close to Wellington city and located behind Maungaraki, Belmont Trig has commanding views of the city and its harbour.

It’s a little further north than Mt Kaukau, which also offers great views of the city. Belmont Trig gives the walker another city view with stunning views of the rest of the Wellington region. There is an ascent of 400 metres so a good level of fitness is required. Allow 3-4 hours for the 10 kilometre circuit. 

If you’re a runner looking for new areas to run, this is a great off road run. This was a favourite of mind when I was running.

The Korokoro Valley is one of the highlights of the walk. This scenic valley has a nice mixture of podocarp forest and native plants. It’s a beautiful peaceful valley that’s nestled between Maungaraki and Horokiwi making it the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Wellington day walks, korokoro dam, belmont trig walk, belmont regional park
Korokoro Dam

Route Description

Oakleigh Street/Belmont Trig/Bake Beans Bend/Oakleigh Street 3-4 hours 10 Kilometres

Starting and finishing at the Oakleigh Street carpark, take the track to the north and descend through native bush to the Korokoro Dam and Stratton Street junction. This will take 20 to 30 minutes. Turn right and follow the Stratton Street track up the valley. At the head of the valley the track will climb onto farmland and lead to a 4 wheel drive track, 40 to 60 minutes. The next section of the walk is above the bushline and is exposed. Carry warm clothing as it can get windy up there. Enjoy the views and follow the 4 wheel drive track which climbs to the top of Belmont Trig.

Belmont Trig is the highest point in the Belmont Regional Park at 456 metres. A great spot for a bite to eat and drink, take some photos and enjoy the view. From here it’s a steep descent to Bake Beans Bend; you have a couple of options for your descent. Continue on and down the Ridge Track or back track to where you left the 4 wheel drive track (2 minutes) and take the Bridleway Track. Refer to the maps below, both tracks lead to Bake Beans Bend.  Allow 40 to 60 minutes for the descent.

From Bake Beans Bend take the track to the left and follow to the Korokoro Stream Track. From the junction turn left and follow the track to Korokoro Dam, this section of the track is flat and very scenic. There’s always a lot of ducks at the dam, it’s a nice spot for a rest and something to eat before the final ascent to the Oakleigh Street carpark. 

Korokoro stream track, belmont trig walk, belmont regional park, wellington day walks
Korokoro Stream Track
Korokoro stream track, belmont trig walk, belmont regional park, wellington day walks
Korokoro Stream Track
Belmont trig walk, belmont regional park, wellington day walks
Belmont Trig

Getting There

Turn off State Highway 2 at the bottom of Maungaraki and follow Dowse Drive to the top of the hill. Turn left onto Oakleigh Street and follow until you see the park entrance on the right. Refer to the map below.

For public transport, take bus 150 from the Petone Railway Station.

What to Take

There are sections of the walk above the bushline and exposed to the elements. If the weather turns nasty and it can get windy, having the right gear for keeping dry and warm is essential. This is what I recommend you take:

    • Food and drink
    • Waterproof raincoat
    • Sturdy footwear
    • Warm clothing: thermals and fleece
    • Hat and gloves
    • Sunscreen and sunglasses
    • First Aid Kit
    • Map
    • Camera

This walk and any of the Day Walks in New Zealand can be tough, so for important information on what to bring check-out my blog on what to take hiking.


To print the above map, click on at the top of the map. The printing and PDF option at the bottom of this page will print or download the post except the map. Once you’ve clicked on mapometer, the link will take you to the printing or export option. If mapometer asks for your location decline, otherwise it will take you to your location and not the above map. This map gives great information for getting to the start of the track, however it’s only a guide of the route, for more detail on the track click on the topomap below and this can also be printed.

View Larger Topographic Map

Walking Times 

Expect some variation in times depending on conditions and personal fitness levels. I’ve graded this a medium walk; there are some steep climbs, the track is well defined and well-marked, the stream crossings are bridged and the duration of this walk is less than 6 hours. Whereas, a hard walk is one that is more than 6 hours, will have longer steeper climbs, have river crossings and requires good navigational skills.

Enjoy and please leave a comment ?

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6 thoughts on “Belmont Trig Walk: Belmont Regional Park: Wellington Day Walks

  1. Hi Murray,

    Belmont Trig Walk looks just like my homeland Scotland. I was pining a bit there while reading. I chuckled when I read about Bake Beans Bend. Let me guess, is that where you stop off to heat up a tin of bake beans for more energy? 🙂

    Great information here, loved the maps and the ability to print it off. It’s a good idea to have a list of things to take, like you have supplied. I’m not sure about NZ but in Scotland the weather can turn at the drop of a hat.

    Four seasons in one day applies! Is that the same in NZ?

    1. Hi Craig, yes New Zealand is very similar. I always advocate carrying the right gear is essential for hiking in New Zealand…as you put it the weather can turn at the drop of a hat. That’s a good question about Bake Beans Bend…I guess a can of bake beans is where the name has come from but the reason why I’m not 100% sure.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments.


  2. Hi Murray! This looks like a beautiful hike! If I ever make it to New Zealand (which I fully intend to do) I will have to refer back to this article. I would love to do this trek, although I’m a bit out of shape for it at the moment. Time to get back to the gym.
    Thanks for the very informative post with exact times and directions. It’s great that you included a “What To Bring” section, and I enjoyed all the photos and detailed maps, as well!

    1. Hi Briana, thanks for visiting my website and leaving your comments. I hope you get the chance to visit New Zealand sometime in the future.
      Take care.

  3. Hi Murray,

    Our Country is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth! Apart from the people, our culture and it being a safe place to live, we have the most incredible scenery, native birds and National Parks and your images illustrate that.

    As a Kiwi, I haven’t even seen a lot of those great landscapes! I’ve visited parks in the National Park, Taupo and Whanganui areas but not in the Wellington area. I never really thought of Wellington – our Capital to be an area with great Regional Parks – don’t I feel enlightened!

    Belmont Regional Park is only a 2 hour drive from where I live, and my husband in particular would love this Trek as he had with so many others. So thanks for sharing this information, we’ll certainly be putting this Trek on our list of places to visit.

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