How To Buy Running or Walking Shoes

Pronation pattern of a neutral runner

 Neutral shoes


Underpronation, also known as supination, is when the foot doesn’t pronate much. The outer or lateral side of the heel hits the ground at an increased angle, and little or no normal pronation occurs, resulting in a large transmission of shock through the lower leg. This lateral loading of the foot continues for the entire stance phase of gait, further affecting efficiency.

Underpronation (also known as supination)

As underpronators tend to be susceptible to shock-related injuries like stress fractures, you should choose a neutral shoe with plenty of cushioning.


Overpronation is when the foot rolls in excessively, or at a time when it should not, for instance late in the stance phase of gait. In this case much weight is transferred to the inner or medial side of the foot, and as you move forward the load is borne by the inner edge rather than the ball of the foot. This destabilises the foot, which will attempt to regain stability by compensating for the inward movement. In a kind of chain reaction, this in turn affects the biomechanical efficiency of the leg, especially the knee and hip.


The shoes of an overpronator will show extra wear on the inside of the heel and under the ball of the foot, especially the big toe.

Overpronators should consider choosing maximum support or structured cushioning shoes. Shoes in both of these categories will help your feet distribute the impact more effectively. The GEL-KAYANO is a leading structured cushioning shoe.

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9 thoughts on “How To Buy Running or Walking Shoes

  1. Thanks for sharing! Didnt know that there was a science to buying running shoes! Im looking at the pink and blue for my next buy. They look super cute and comfy!

    1. Great post and I loved all of the comments. After runnnig outside for 2 Toronto winters, my runnnig shoes have seen better days. I love Adidas shoes I’ve tried Nike and New Balance and always come back to Adidas. And even though, I like to take chances with clothes and regular shoes I like my runners as plain as can be! Thanks for the tips I’m motivated to get out there and buy a new pair.

      1. Hi there,
        Thanks for visiting my website and leaving your comments. That’s great you have a band you like, at the end of the day it doesn’t matter what band of shoe you buy as long as it suites your pronation. Good luck with your running.


  2. hi there
    I had no idea that pronation could have such an effect on the type of running shoes one buys. However, from your article I can see that choosing the wrong type of running shoes could certainly lead to pain for the runner. And that could lead to further injuries. I see running shoes as an investment, one has to choose them carefully

    1. Hi Emily,
      Thanks for visiting my website. Yes choosing the correct running shoes is very important…pleased you found the article of interest and thanks for your comments.


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