The Mt Lowry Walk: Wellington Day Walks

This is another great Wellington Day Walk, looking for a challenge, then this walk is for you. Mt Lowry the highest peak in the East Harbour Regional Park, offers stunning views of the Wellington region. There are a number of different routes to the Lowry Trig…for this walk we start in Day’s Bay…head up Ferry Road, along the Main Ridge Track and descend the Cheviot Road Track to Lowry Bay. This route offers the best views in the park, so picking a nice day is highly recommended. Walking time 3 to 4 hours.

Mt Lowry Walk
The Main Ridge Track

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Track Description

Head north from Days Bay Wharf, turn right into Ferry Road and follow to the end of the road, about 1 kilometre. Enter the track and climb to the main ridge track, 45 to 60 minutes. Once on the main ridge turn left and continue on passed the turn off for the Kaitawa Track. From here the ridge undulates and then climbs onto Mt Lowry, 30 to 45 minutes. This is the highest point on the Eastern Hills at 373 metres…a great place for a bite to eat and drink…take some photo’s and enjoy the view. From here it’s pretty much all down hill…the first bit is steep then it levels off to a much easier gradient. As the track gets closer to the Wainui Hill it becomes a little undulating with track turn offs to Wainui…stick to the main ridge and take the track marked Cheviot Road Track. From the top of Mt Lowry its about 2.5 K’s to the Cheviot Road Track, 75 minutes. Turn left and head down to Lowry Bay, 20 to 30 minutes. Follow Cheviot Road to Marine Drive, there are bus stops here. If your keen its a 3 K walk around the bays to Days Bay, 30 or 40 minutes.

Mt Lowry Walk
Wellington Harbour

Getting There

If traveling by car, park by Wellesley College or the car park in Williams Park.  

Public transport runs regularly, with buses passing through Days Bay and Lowry Bay. Take bus No. 81 or 83, for times check Metlink’s journey planner. Bus stops are marked on the map above. The Dominion Post ferry runs between Queens Wharf and Days Bay (Mon-Sun) a great way to view the harbour and Wellington’s surburbs. Check here for the ferry timetable.

Other Information

    • Take food and plenty of water
    • Warm clothing, raincoat and good foot wear.
    • Map

For more information on what to take hiking, check-out my blog on hiking gear.


If wanting a drink and a bite to eat afterwards, Days Bay has some great cafes and places to eat.

Walking Times

Expect some variation in times depending on conditions and personal fitness levels. In the summer tracks are dryer providing much firmer footing than wet muddy winter conditions. A fit experienced walker will be able to walk this much quicker, please provide feed back if this time needs to be extended. I’ve graded this an easy/medium walk. The tracks are well defined and well marked, there are no stream or river crossings and the duration of this walk is less than 6 hours. Where as, a hard walk is one that is more than 6 hours, will have longer steeper climbs, have river crossings and requires good navigational skills.

There are a number of alternative routes if things get difficult and you need to shorten your walk. Refer to the above map and always carry one with you. For more detail check out the topo50 BQ32 map.


Have a great walk 🙂

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6 thoughts on “The Mt Lowry Walk: Wellington Day Walks

  1. Great post! First of all I love the look of the page. Easy to read, every section so clearly marked I can easily skip to the sections I’m interested in. The route map incorporated into the post is great – no searching for maps through links that don’t always work. You anticipated any question a visitor interested in doing this walk could have. Who wouldn’t want to check out Mt Lowry after reading your recommendation.

    1. Hi Hindy,
      Thanks for visiting my website and leaving your comments. I agree, it does make things easier when all the formation is there in front of you…thanks for pointing that out.


  2. Great article! The Mt Lowry Walk sounds like a wonderful way to spend your day. The picture you posted looks really cool. Beautiful scenery. How many times have you done the Mt Lowry walk? Thanks for sharing! Jeffrey

    1. Hi Jeffrey,
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comments. Your right it is a great walk…not sure how many times I’ve walked this, its lots though. Its also great for running if your into trail or mountain running…have run this many times as well lol.


  3. Hi Murray,

    I like your mapometer option and the road map. This post is great for tourists and locals. A good place to go outdoors. If I visit Wellington, it’s one of the places I will consider visiting after reading this.


    1. Hey Daniella
      Thanks for your comments. I’ve done lots of traveling and know the importance of good information like maps etc 🙂 Thanks for stopping by, hope you get to Wellington some day.

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