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New research suggests early morning exercise may be better for us.

Some studies have shown that exercising before you eat in the morning can improve endurance and energy as well as metabolism and muscle growth. It’s also been discovered we can burn more fat at this time too.

An article I read recently had a group of healthy male participants split into 3 groups, all eating 30 per cent more calories than they would normally eat over a six week study. The first group stayed sedentary for the 6 weeks, ended up 3kg heavier and developed insulin resistance. The second group, exercised after breakfast and put on 1.5kg and also recorded insulin spikes. The third group exercised before eating and not only maintained their weight and insulin levels, they also burned more fat throughout the day.

So to prevent increases in body weight one must adopt a healthy, well balanced diet with an active lifestyle…early morning exercise before eating is more potent than the identical amount of exercise after breakfast. Therefore incorporating early morning training before you eat into your daily regime will not only help to improve weight loss but they also discovered an improvement in mental focus and steadier energy levels throughout the day compared to starting the day with a dose of sugar…even if that sugar was coming from a natural source like a banana. In basic terms, if you get up and start moving without having supplied your body with a dose of sugar, it’s simply got to get its energy from somewhere else and that somewhere else happens to be stored fat.

weight lose by early morning exercise.
weight lose by early morning exercise.


If your unsure how to design a diet plan, check this book out…its an amazing read and with exercise will have you losing the weight you require.

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